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Health Technologies

The design of innovative tools and methodologies through a multidisciplinary approach has given a new dimension to research in the Life Sciences. The decompartmentalization of fields of study through the combination of computer science, physics, chemistry and mathematics has greatly enhanced opportunities for analysis and scientific advances. The efforts mobilized have made it possible in particular to develop the following themes:

the development of biological detection tools, in particular the analysis of biomarkers by biosensors
personalized medicine through the collection, processing and analysis of large medical data sets,
the design of biomaterials to strengthen regenerative medicine,
the development of imaging techniques, with significant progress in microscopy (two-photon microscopy, STED super-resolution microscopy, etc.), molecular tools (FRET probes, visualization of single molecules, etc.) and image analysis.

Key words :

Technologies, bioinformatics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, personalized medicine, biomaterials, imaging.

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