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Pathophysiology, metabolism, nutrition

Human physiology is interested in the biological mechanisms operating within the organs, which are the heart, the digestive system or the circulatory system. The dysfunctions of these biological mechanisms can give rise to numerous pathologies, which they must cause or even cardiovascular. As pathologies, such as atherosclerosis, obesity or diabetes, impact millions of people, it is crucial to explore the underlying physiopathological mechanisms. Inovarion’s employees are experts in major scientific questions in this field, in particular in:

Metabolism: analysis of the influence of environmental pollutants, research and detection of new biomarkers, study of diabetes,
Analysis of the functioning and dysfunction of the cardiac and vascular systems: study of atherosclerosis and new targeted therapies, development of gene therapies against the phenomena of muscular dystrophy,
Study of the liver: analysis of the mechanisms of hepatic fibrosis.

Key words :

Pathophysiology, metabolism, nutrition, new therapies, biomarkers.

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