Our mission

Life Sciences Research Center

Inovarion is a research center that guides its clients at every stage of their R&D projects in Life Sciences. Our years of in-house R&D also allow us to offer a custom biosensor development service, using mixed techniques involving biology, biochemistry and chemistry.

Our team of Inovarion experts is made up of technicians, engineers and doctors qualified in various disciplines of biology, thus allowing us to offer the most suitable response to the needs of our customers.

Our services cover all areas of biology. We work on structural and functional characterization projects at the molecular level as well as on physiopathology studies, which may involve the use of animal models. The skills of our experts cover a wide range of topics such as developmental biology, cellular and molecular biology, oncology, physiopathology of major systems, metabolism and nutrition, genetics, genomics and bioinformatics. Research laboratories also use our services to carry out programs in immunology, infectious diseases and microbiology.

Our services are mainly performed at the client’s site in order to accelerate the progress of the project on a daily basis. In addition, our intervention format is flexible and adaptable in order to guarantee optimal management of the missions entrusted to us.

Since our creation, we have participated in more than 250 research projects that have resulted in 110+ publications referenced by PubMed.