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The development of high throughput experimental technologies has resulted in the generation of huge amounts of experimental data. These data cannot be analyzed in the first instance. They require the deployment and use of dedicated IT tools to fully exploit all these massively generated data:

  • Construction and management of complex databases, pipeline, ArrayExpress, GEO, Immgen, Biobase
  • Molecular structures: Visualization, analysis, classification, prediction
  • Sequence analysis : Alignments, similarity searches, motif analysis, MEME suite, ATAC-seq, RNA-seq, CHIP-seq, Microarrays
  • Genomics: Genome Annotation, Comparative Genomics, Gene Ontology, BamQC, Integrated Genome Browser, Galaxy, GREAT
  • Phylogeny: Evolutionary relationships between genes, between genomes, between organisms
  • Functional genomics: Transcriptome, proteome, interactome
  • Analysis of biomolecular networks: metabolic networks, protein interaction networks, gene regulatory networks
  • Systems Biology: modeling and simulation of dynamic properties of biological systems
  • Image Analysis : ImageJ, Icy, MATLAB, Java, Tracking
  • Statistics applied to biology: Anova, limma, Vampire
  • Programming: C, Python, Perl, R, Bash, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Inovarion’s experts will assist you in exploiting the data generated by these high throughput approaches.

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